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Brisset, Nicolas Nicolas.Brisset at eurocopter.com
Tue Nov 11 14:12:16 CET 2008

> Mike has put in an example for this.  Should work now.
I've seen the example, however it seems to try to compile the
datasources even when it shouldn't :-( Here is what I get during the
qmake run:
% qmake -r ../kst.pro
Reading /home/brisset/kst2/src/libkst/libkst.pro
Reading /home/brisset/kst2/src/libkstmath/libkstmath.pro
Reading /home/brisset/kst2/src/datasources/datasources.pro
Project MESSAGE: CFITSIO configured. Plugins will be built.
Project MESSAGE: DIRFILE configured. Plugins will be built.
 Reading /home/brisset/kst2/src/datasources/ascii/ascii.pro

And of course I get compilation errors later on:
compiling ../../../../src/datasources/fitsimage/fitsimage.cpp
moc ../../../../src/datasources/fitsimage/fitsimage.h
In file included from
../../../../src/datasources/fitsimage/fitsimage.h:18:20: error:
fitsio.h: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden
compiling tmp/moc_fitsimage.cpp
In file included from tmp/moc_fitsimage.cpp:10:
tmp/../../../../../src/datasources/fitsimage/fitsimage.h:18:20: error:
fitsio.h: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden
../../../../src/datasources/fitsimage/fitsimage.h:54: error: ISO C++
forbids declaration of ?fitsfile? with no type
../../../../src/datasources/fitsimage/fitsimage.h:54: error: expected
?;? before ?*? token
../../../../src/datasources/fitsimage/fitsimage.cpp: In constructor
?FitsImageSource::FitsImageSource(Kst::ObjectStore*, QSetti

> > I'd like to see CDF and netCDF
> > ported (and improved, e.g. to include more metadata at file or
> > level) and they clearly depend on external libraries.
> These are ready to port.  Datasource now has hooks for both top level
> scalars
> and strings, and scalars and strings associated with particular
> Would you be able to work on porting them?  It would be really great
> you could!
I have very little time these days, but I might still come around to it
(at home probably...). I have to evaluate how much work it is. If in a
first step I can only make get it to read vectors, that'll already be
nice. Matrices and other new possibilities can be added subsequently.
However, I have just taken a quick look at the sample datasource and I
did not see how scalars and strings can be associated to a vector. I
found global vector/scalar/matrix/string lists, but that is not at
object-level, is it? It seems the metadata system has been changed and
the sampledatasource is not enough to get started. I'll have to look at
datasource.{h,cpp} where it seems there is more (fieldScalars...). I'll
let you know.


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