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Brisset, Nicolas Nicolas.Brisset at eurocopter.com
Mon Jun 2 17:48:03 CEST 2008

> Names now have two parts - 
> descriptiveName: designed to be short, but not necessarily 
> unique.  It can *change dynamically* with changes to the 
> object or with changes to the objects inputs, or it can be 
> set statically manually.  eg: "Azimuth" for a datavector, or 
> Azimuth/Mean for the scalar mean of Azimuth.  If 
> descriptiveName happens to be unique, you can refer to 
> objects by it in Equations and labels (when the label is 
> reparsed it will be replaced by the full name.)
OK, good to know that it's sort of "optional" :-)
> shortName: designed to be short, static, and always unique.  
> For these, I use a single character type delimiter, and then 
> a serial number, which increments by order of creation. So 
> the 12th vector created would be V12, or the 30th scalar 
> would be X30.  You can always refer to objects by it. (when 
> the label is reparsed it will be replaced by the full name.)
> The UI uses the Full Name, which combines the two names.  The 
> currently open question is: how should they be combined?
> Currently it does descriptiveName:shortName, so
> i)	Azimuth/Mean:X30
> This is pretty ugly!
Yes !
> Other options:
> ii)	X30:Azimuth/Mean
> iii)	X30: Azimuth/Mean
> iv)	Azimuth/Mean: X30
> v)	Azimuth/Mean X30
> vi)	Azimuth/Mean (X30)
> I'm leaning toward (vi) with (iii) a close second.
vi)is also my clear favorite, much better than (iii) where it's not so
obvious to a newbie that the shortName is of secondary importance to him
in most cases.
> Note: the UI will provide tooltips over eg, objectselectors, 
> which give more complete descriptions of the objects.  I have 
> this coded up for vectors, but haven't committed it yet.
Like what information for instance ? Basic stats maybe ?

Can't wait to be able to load a complex session (with CDF files !) to
try out kst2 even better ! But it already looks quite good :-) One thing
I'm already missing, though: the "R" keyboard shortcut to restore the
previous zoom state. But it'll surely reappear sooner or later...


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