[Kst] branches/work/kst/portto4/kst/src/libkstapp

Mike Fenton mike at staikos.net
Wed Feb 6 21:50:44 CET 2008

SVN commit 771735 by fenton:

Add label editor for plot, move Axis Plot controls to x-Axis / y-Axis Tab's.
Add Axis scale options to tab.

 A             axistab.cpp   [License: GPL (v2+)]
 A             axistab.h   [License: GPL (v2+)]
 A             axistab.ui  
 A             labeltab.cpp   [License: GPL (v2+)]
 A             labeltab.h   [License: GPL (v2+)]
 A             labeltab.ui  
 M  +6 -3      libkstapp.pro  
 M  +146 -9    plotitem.cpp  
 M  +36 -0     plotitem.h  
 D             plotmarkerstab.cpp  
 D             plotmarkerstab.h  
 D             plotmarkerstab.ui  
 M  +99 -47    plotrenderitemdialog.cpp  
 M  +10 -2     plotrenderitemdialog.h  

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