[Kst] KST "forgets" the ASCII data configuration

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Wed Dec 31 00:10:27 CET 2008

I have setup a kst session file for one data set. If I then execute
the following command to load the session with a different data set,
Kst doesn't use the ASCII data configuration that is stored in the
session file (it reverts to the defaults).

kst -F /logs/data2.log MemAllocSizeTest.kst

Since my data is comma-separated and the default setting is
space-separated, Kst just interprets all of the data as NaNs. If I
manually fix the ASCII data configuration, it works fine again. I was
also able to correct the ASCII data configuration using some KstScript
commands, but it would only work if I loaded the script manually.
Loading the script from the command line using -E didn't work.

Manually fixing the ASCII data settings every time is far from ideal
and I'd like to be able to switch data sets automatically. I'm using
Kst 1.7.0 on Fedora 8. I've attached the Kst session file and a couple
of data sets. Hopefully someone can help me get this working

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