[Kst] 2.0.0 Beta 1 bugs[?]

Matthew D Truch matt at truch.net
Sun Dec 14 02:42:05 CET 2008

Here's my bug list from playing around with the beta.  Don't hesitate to
ignore any of these.  Hopefully more importantly, don't hesitate to
'holla' back' requesting more info.  Items listed with DF1 are not
necessarily bugs, but indicate functionality/defaults that have changed
from kst 1.x.

1. Buildsystem configuration/customization.

2. "make install" (missing and needs something like DESTDIR).

3. Data wizard defaults to "all in 1 plot" rather than "1 plot per
curve" [DF1]

4. Data wizard with "1 plot per curve" starts out with touching axes
suppressed, but as soon as any zoom is done on any plot, the touching
axes are revoked (to normal, separated axes).

5. With multiple plots, when zooming one changes the size properties of
another (due to axis label changes, for example), the axes labels on the
non-modified plot(s) can get garbled until the mouse is moved over them.

6. When displaying data that is constant, instead of centering the curve
and having a range of ±0.1, the range is from about zero to slightly
above the curve (meaning the curve is very near the top of the plot.

7. There are common circumstances when a plot will show only one number
on the [y] axis, meaning no determination of scale is possible.  (AKA
only one major tick mark shown).  In fact, there are circumstances when
ZERO numbers are shown!

8. No function keys (that I can figure out) to switch between layout
mode and normal (zoom) mode.  [DF1]

9. Double clicking a curve doesn't bring up the "Edit Curve" dialog

10. Clicking axis/axis labels etc. doesn't bring up appropriate dialog

11. Datamode is missing.

12. Export as png with a set width and height shows transparency (blank)
where extra space is, rather than resizing the view for the export.

13. No obvious way to cancel (stop) an autosave export.  Nor to keep one
going while exporting something else.  [DF1]

14. Doesn't ask to save current plots to a .kst file upon close [DF1].

15. Doesn't append .kst to saved session name if .kst is missing [DF1].

"It is now later than it was before."
Matthew Truch
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Pennsylvania
matt at truch.net
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