[Kst] Dates/Times from command line invokation?

Bourne, Wesley (IT) Wesley.Bourne at MorganStanley.com
Wed Dec 10 15:48:39 CET 2008


Got another couple of questions, I'm invoking KST from the command line and am having an issue.

I'm passing in two columns, one a float, another a date in an ASCII file. KST doesn't pick up that the second column is a date and acts bizarrely. I've tried with a few different formats but I've had no luck. Is there any way to get it to pick up on this from the command line?


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On Monday 08 December 2008 06:58:12 am Bourne, Wesley (IT) wrote:
> 1. Can kst allow a time axis to be up to millisecond precision?

> 2. Does it support finance bars/candle sticks
> (http://t16web.lanl.gov/Kawano/gnuplot/intro/style-e.html#others) ?


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