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-1) Problems with lines and arrows:
-Start kst
-Create a box in the right hand side of the tlv, that does not fill the tlv.
-Create a line or arrow which points to the bottom left corner of the box.
-Shrink or grow the kst window.
-  What Happens:
-  The box changes size, keeping the corners fixed relative to the TLV.  The arrow shrinks as well, keeping
-  the angle fixed so that the top left end of the line moves relative to the tlv.
-  What should happen:
-  The box behaves correctly.
-  *BOTH end points of the arrow or line should stay fixed relative to the tlv**
-Comments: lines and arrows go from A to B, where A and B are defined **relative to the parent**.
-The UI should just have two handles, at A and B.  There should be no 'rotation mode'.
-6) Font sizes in plot
-Start Kst
-Create a plot
-Resize the kst window.
-What happens:
-  The font sizes for the labels changes in large steps .
-What should happen:
-  The fonts should scale smoothly with the window size.

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