[Kst] [Bug 86915] ability to operate only on what is visible shown in plot

netterfield at astro.utoronto.ca netterfield at astro.utoronto.ca
Wed Mar 14 23:22:36 CET 2007

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------- Additional Comments From netterfield astro utoronto ca  2007-03-14 23:22 -------
Eli and chatted about this a little yesterday...
At the low level, this could be implemented by a new data object: KstVectorView (or some other name).

It takes as inputs an X vector, a Y vector, and a view range (xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax) and it outputs X/Y vectors over the defined range.

The only sticky bit is interpolation...  there are a couple options here:
-merge the VectorView into curves, and give curves outputs
-split interpolation out of curves into a new data object KstInterpolator.
-Let KstVectorView interpolate, keep everything else the same.

I favour the third option (but I think Eli favours the second).

In any case, we could then create a few different UI's for creating KstVectorView objects - eg, by the fit dialog.

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