[Kst] [Bug 141597] Change data file tool does not perform some updates

Nicolas Brisset nicolas.brisset at eurocopter.com
Thu Feb 22 15:11:17 CET 2007

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OK, so we keep coming back to this "namespacification" problem. If I understand it correctly, this is the same conceptual problem as we started discussing on the list wrt to how full/short names are handled for metadata used in labels. My reasoning below is based on metadata used in labels, but I think it can be generalized to equations. I know it is hard to follow from a textual explanation, but this is a major issue to me and I think we need to solve it properly for 1.4.0, so that I took some time to explain my point of view ! Read on if you dare...

I like the idea that:
- a short name is enough as long as it is unique
- a long name can be used to disambiguate and should probably be preserved, unless the user explicitly asks for it to be changed. Now the question is: how can he ask that ?

I've been thinking about this issue quite a bit, and I think there is only one bullet-proof solution: ask the user! Let me explain... Suppose you have data files file{1,2,3,...}.dat, based on the same template, with identical metadata tags (say meta1, meta2). Now, a couple of scenarii:
1) I create a couple of plots from file1.dat, with some labels using [meta1]. If I want to see the same results with file2.dat I'll use the change data file tool in replace mode, and the metadata gets updated: all is fine.
2) I notice something strange with file2.dat and want to compare with file1.dat, superimposing the two sets of curves. I use the change data file tool again, in duplicate mode this time. My labels break since [meta1] is no longer unique. At least I notice something's wrong and I can fix it. I'll just put a long name to resolve the ambiguity, the question is which: [DS-file1.dat/meta1] or [DS-file2.dat/meta1] ? And how kst could save the user the hassle of typing such potentially long names... see below :-)
3) Suppose I have settled on [DS-file1.dat/meta1] above, and now realize I may have the same problem in file3.dat. I fire up the change data file tool, replace all vectors and dependents from file1.dat with their file3.dat counterparts (say I want only two sets of curves and keep file2.dat visible). The label is gone since [DS-file1.dat/meta1] no longer exists. So you may ask: "OK, why not change the DS-... prefix when using the change data file in replace mode ?" Could be an option, but what if I only replace the first ten vectors provided by file1.dat and keep others ? The label is not attached to vectors, so there is no way to figure out whether it should change or not. Only the user knows it... that's why my suggestion is the following:

*** Add an intermediate dialog (or integrate it in the existing UI) ***
this dialog would present a list of objects depending on the vectors(s)/datasource(s) being substituted. I imagine something like:
- a listbox or rather listview (in extended selection mode :-)) titled "Select objects you wish to update" with a list of elements depending on vectors being substituted or duplicated and their type (e.g. equation/label/plugin...). All objects would be preselected by default, as I guess in 99% of cases and based on my experience, that's what the user will want
- buttons to add all/remove all/ from the selection

In fact, to sum up this long comment the idea is to add some UI to ask the user which "paths" should be changed automatically by kst. If all are selected by default, I guess in most cases there won't even be the need for more than one extra mouse click and at least everything will be possible, and clear. The biggest issue might be the UI/real estate...

It sure isn't an easy issue ! Thoughts ?

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