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This is an amazing story. WE urge you to go read the news on this
company and visit the website. The company website will be listed
in news releases.

Watch this company closely starting NOW!


Founded in 2005, TAMG Provides transportation systems and
infrastructure to the developing world. Our bus fleets provide an
efficient way for communities in need to travel and prosper.
Affordable for riders, and economically sustainable for the
company, TAMG has turned capital investments in the developing
world into sustainable and profitable transportation solutions

February 15, 2007 - Transnational Automotive Group Launches "LeCar"
Inter-Urban Bus Operations between YaoundE and Douala, Cameroon
December 18 , 2006 - After Le Bus, Here comes Le Car
December 11 , 2006 - Transnational Automotive Announces $800,000
USD Investment by the Chamber of Commerce of Cameroon
November 30, 2006 - Transnational Automotive Announces Purchase of
60 City Buses for its Urban Transportation Operation in Cameroon
November 16, 2006 - Transnational Automotive Announces $800,000 USD
Investment by the Chamber of Commerce of Cameroon

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