[Kst] [Bug 148144] Dutch translation for kst is obsolete

Jaap Woldringh jjh.woldringh at planet.nl
Wed Aug 29 13:43:10 CEST 2007

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------- Additional Comments From jjh.woldringh planet nl  2007-08-29 13:43 -------
This bug still exists in Ubuntu's latest tribal (5) of Gutsy. Funny thing is that some (the easiest) of my translations are there, but that the previous translators are mentioned in the credits. AND that part of the translations, where my mathematical and physical expertise comes in, are made undone.

FYI this same thing (the omitting of mathematical and physical translations) are omitted in at least one other application (Qalculate!) too, for which a bug report also has been committed, from me and from the author of this application.

Also FYI only, so you get as much information as you may need, my translation for Gcalctool, is not used at all, so the already years old mathematically nonsensical Dutch translation for that program is still used. I am promised that in the next STABLE version of Ubuntu this will be fixed.

So I guess that the Dutch translation team is at the source of this problem, but they don't answer mail.

So I am suspecting the Dutch translation team for Ubuntu, which would be very bad and kill the initiative that Ubuntu is for everyone to use in his/her own language....

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