[Kst] [Bug 134686] crash when copying a plot from one window to another

Nicolas Brisset nicolas.brisset at eurocopter.com
Tue Sep 26 16:23:31 CEST 2006

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------- Additional Comments From nicolas.brisset eurocopter com  2006-09-26 16:23 -------
The backtrace with line numbers and debug info:

#4  0x00247ade in Kst2DPlot::plotPlotMarkers (this=0x9de3c10, p= 0xbfee12c0, 
    m_X=0.0046650233251166254, b_X=46, x_max=199999, x_min=0, y_px=633, 
    ytop_bdr_px=22, ybot_bdr_px=41) at kst2dplot.cpp:5606
#5  0x0023a563 in Kst2DPlot::draw (this=0x9de3c10, p= 0xbfee12c0)
    at kst2dplot.cpp:2613
#6  0x002395b3 in Kst2DPlot::draw (this=0x9de3c10) at kst2dplot.cpp:2422
#7  0x00238f7d in Kst2DPlot::updateSelf (this=0x9de3c10) at kst2dplot.cpp:2349
#8  0x0026d0c0 in KstViewObject::paintUpdate (this=0x9de3c10)
    at kstviewobject.cpp:425
#9  0x0026cb86 in KstViewObject::paint (this=0x9de3c10, p= 0xbfee16a0, 
    bounds= 0xbfee15f0) at kstviewobject.cpp:340
#10 0x0026cd9c in KstViewObject::paint (this=0x9dacc78, p= 0xbfee16a0, 
    bounds= 0xbfee1810) at kstviewobject.cpp:370
#11 0x00279fff in KstTopLevelView::paint (this=0x9dacc78, p= 0xbfee16a0, 
    bounds= 0xbfee1810) at ksttoplevelview.cpp:134
#12 0x0027a117 in KstTopLevelView::paint (this=0x9dacdf0, type=161663896, 
    bounds= 0xbfee1810) at ksttoplevelview.cpp:153
#13 0x0027a049 in KstTopLevelView::paint (this=0x9dacc78, type=P_PAINT)
    at ksttoplevelview.cpp:143
#14 0x00271913 in KstViewObject::copyTo (this=0x9e53838, id=2)
    at kstviewobject.cpp:1404
#15 0x00273f6f in KstViewObject::qt_invoke (this=0x9e53838, _id=3870120, 
    _o=0xbfee1a40) at kstviewobject.moc:195
#16 0x00278f65 in KstBorderedViewObject::qt_invoke (this=0x9e53838, _id=26, 
    _o=0xbfee1a40) at kstborderedviewobject.moc:88
#17 0x00288c4d in KstMetaPlot::qt_invoke (this=0x9e53838, _id=26, 
    _o=0xbfee1a40) at kstmetaplot.moc:77
#18 0x00224c3d in KstPlotBase::qt_invoke (this=0x9e53838, _id=26, 
    _o=0xbfee1a40) at kstplotbase.moc:77
#19 0x0024ea73 in Kst2DPlot::qt_invoke (this=0x9e53838, _id=26, _o=0xbfee1a40)
    at kst2dplot.moc:302

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