[Kst] View Object Plugins patch for later

Adam Treat treat at kde.org
Thu Sep 21 00:18:27 CEST 2006

Hi All,

The pluginify branch is getting nearly ready for merging with trunk.  I've 
gone ahead and made some progress with KstViewObject plugins, but in the 
interest of keeping the merge as easy as possible, I won't commit this until 
after...  But for anyone interested, here is the prelim patch.  I'll probably 
go ahead and make the ellipse a plugin as a proof of concept.

The big questions with the view plugins is what can they share and how should 
the plugins be presented in the GUI?  Right now I've added a 'new' button to 
the viewmanager dialog that shows a dialog presenting the user with a choice 
of the various view plugins found by the system.  When a user selects one of 
these choices, the plugins configuration widget is opened in 'new' mode, much 
like is done with the datamanager.  If the number of plugins isn't expected 
to be very high, then perhaps the plugins should be listed just like all the 
other view objects in the top-level graphics menu.

Anyways, here is the patch...

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