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 special cases, and in shared pointer reference counting (semaphore is used).
+How to fix our deadlock issues.
+Recent changes to object complexity and performance of locking in Kst have
+brought some old deadlock scenarios up in frequency and made Kst appear far
+less stable.  Past fixes for these deadlocks were apparently insufficient and
+only fixes some cases.  The most common scenario is this:
+Thread 1 locks Object A
+Object A starts to lock dependencies
+Context switch
+Thread 2 locks Object B
+Object B starts to lock dependencies and eventually blocks on Object A
+Context switch
+Object A continues to lock dependencies and blocks on an object locked by B
+-> deadlock
+The general solution for this is to lock all objects in a consistent order,
+such as pointer value of object or lock.  We do this presently, but only at
+each level, which is insufficient in complex object structures.  One possible
+solution is for KstDataObject to first obtain all pointers requiring locks,
+recursively, and then sort and lock them iteratively.  The problem is that in
+order to obtain these pointers, we will need to have locks on the objects, thus
+defeating the goal.  It is proposed to split locking into shallow and deep
+locking, allowing a shallow lock for tree reading, and a deep lock for more
+complex operations.

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