[Kst] PIOlib question

Brendan Crill bpc at ipac.caltech.edu
Wed Oct 25 01:04:38 CEST 2006

Hi Kst'ers,

In the past, I have sucessfully used kst to visualize Level 1 timestamp 
objects  (like the Orsay HFI calibration test data).  Now, I'm trying to use 
kst to look at Level 2 TOI objects, in particular, the HFI's data center DM 
test data.

When I looked at the timestamp objects, I pointed kst at the html metadata 
part of he PIOlib database, and kst came up with a list of the objects in 
that database that I could select.  When I try to do this with the TOI 
object, kst tries to interpret the metadata as ASCII type data sources.  I 
also tried using the data wizard to point kst  to the various directories and 
the binary data, with no luck.

I should point out that I'm now using kst 1.3.1, and I haven't used this 
particular build of kst to look at the Orsay test data.  I'm pretty sure that 
PIOlib was properly linked to kst during my current build - 
"PLANCK Plugin" is listed as a data source.

Any hints?  Have any of you tried looking at the DM test data?

Thanks very much,


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