[Kst] [Bug 135440] Crash when a plugin is missing

Nicolas Brisset nicolas.brisset at eurocopter.com
Thu Oct 12 15:44:50 CEST 2006

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------- Additional Comments From nicolas.brisset eurocopter com  2006-10-12 15:44 -------
Strangely, Dr Konqui says the backtrace is not usable even though I compiled with --enable-debug ? However, catching the process with the debugger here is what I get:

#0  0xff19db5c in KstViewFitsDialogI::hasContent (this=0x0) at kstviewfitsdialog_i.cpp:63
#1  0xff1bfc34 in KstApp::updateDataDialogs (this=0x120428, dm=true, vm=true) at kst.cpp:2109
#2  0xff1cb58c in KstApp::qt_invoke (this=0x120428, _id=237, _o=0xffbebb80) at kst.moc:629
#3  0xfd69c5c4 in QObject::activate_signal () from /usr/local/kde/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#4  0xfd69ced8 in QObject::activate_signal () from /usr/local/kde/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#5  0xff1b7930 in KstDoc::event (this=0x17d0a0, e=0x646718) at kstdoc.cpp:1053
#6  0xfd643024 in QApplication::internalNotify () from /usr/local/kde/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#7  0xfd6432f0 in QApplication::notify () from /usr/local/kde/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#8  0xfe0bd6d0 in KApplication::notify () from /usr/local/kde/V3.4.0/lib/libkdecore.so.4
#9  0xfd644474 in QApplication::sendPostedEvents () from /usr/local/kde/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#10 0xfd5f1ec8 in QEventLoop::processEvents () from /usr/local/kde/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#11 0xfd658e7c in QEventLoop::enterLoop () from /usr/local/kde/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#12 0xfd658d64 in QEventLoop::exec () from /usr/local/kde/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#13 0xfd641fb8 in QApplication::exec () from /usr/local/kde/lib/libqt-mt.so.3
#14 0x0001f4e4 in main (argc=1, argv=0xffbec84c) at main.cpp:819

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