[Kst] Dummy objects and KstBasicPlugin

Brisset, Nicolas Nicolas.Brisset at eurocopter.com
Fri Oct 6 12:45:38 CEST 2006

> Currently the pluginify branch uses KDE 3.4's 
> componentFactory for instantiating and loading KstDataObject 
> plugins.  This is opposed to how KstDataSource plugins are 
> loaded with kst explicitly handling the symbol lookup and loading.
I guess this is due to the "kst works with KDE 3.1" requirement, and I
wonder whether jumping right to KDE 3.4 from 3.1 is possible ? Note that
personnally, I try to have a somewhat up-to-date KDE installation and I
wouldn't mind but it seems that other users are more reluctant or have
more constraints...


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