[Kst] extragear/graphics/kst/src

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Thu Mar 9 11:25:32 CET 2006

SVN commit 516941 by staikos:

This patch is really only partially done, but what's there works and I'm hitting
conflicts so it's time to commit.  this starts to fix the child object painting
(printing) problems.  There were a number of bugs, ranging from using the wrong
geometries, to the whole "resize, restore" sequence not fully completing.  This
cleans up some of them by using the proper parent geometry.  It also factors
resolution enhancement out to where it belongs: KstPainter.  Resolution
enhancement is not something that should be in Kst2DPlot.  it's something that
the caller should request in a painting sequence, and should be requested by the
caller.  -All- objects need to be aware of it, and the only sane way to do this
is make it a property of the painter.

Also some unnecessary draws and updates were removed.

With this, legend and label printing (along with other objects) can be properly

CCBUG: 123036

 M  +2 -0      libkstapp/kst.cpp  
 M  +12 -19    libkstapp/kst2dplot.cpp  
 M  +3 -3      libkstapp/kst2dplot.h  
 M  +2 -2      libkstapp/kstviewlabel.cpp  
 M  +4 -7      libkstapp/kstviewlegend.cpp  
 M  +1 -1      libkstapp/kstviewobject.cpp  
 M  +2 -0      libkstapp/kstviewwindow.cpp  
 M  +11 -1     libkstmath/kstpainter.cpp  
 M  +4 -0      libkstmath/kstpainter.h  

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