[Kst] extragear/graphics/kst/src/kst/pics

Barth Netterfield netterfield at astro.utoronto.ca
Sat Mar 4 07:57:41 CET 2006

SVN commit 515559 by netterfield:

add svg source for icons used in kst. At this point, they should not be installed
as they aren't complete, the names are wrong, etc.

 A             svg_icons (directory)  
 A             svg_icons/arrow.svg  
 A             svg_icons/changefile.svg  
 A             svg_icons/changefile2.svg  
 A             svg_icons/changerange.svg  
 A             svg_icons/data_manager.svg  
 A             svg_icons/data_wizard.svg  
 A             svg_icons/datamode.svg  
 A             svg_icons/datamode_old.svg  
 A             svg_icons/end.svg  
 A             svg_icons/kst.svg  
 A             svg_icons/kst.svg.hold  
 A             svg_icons/kst_mime.svg  
 A             svg_icons/kst_tiny.svg  
 A             svg_icons/layoutmode.svg  
 A             svg_icons/lr_arrow.svg  
 A             svg_icons/plainplot.svg  
 A             svg_icons/plotdialog.svg  
 A             svg_icons/zoomx.svg  
 A             svg_icons/zoomxy.svg  
 A             svg_icons/zoomy.svg  
 A             svg_icons/zoomzy.svg  

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