[Kst] Some comments on view objects...

Barth Netterfield netterfield at astro.utoronto.ca
Tue Jan 31 18:43:36 CET 2006

This is a big, but good list; mostly either really easy to implement, or very 
important.  Not sure if they can be implemented for 1.2 or not... it could 
cost us a few more days.

On January 31, 2006 08:57 am, Brisset, Nicolas wrote:
> 1) ...If you look at what other programs do, they mostly switch to 
selection(=layout) mode automatically after creating a new object....

I think we should try this. 

> 2) When using images ... Please add an option to maintain the
> original aspect ratio, and default to that.

I agree.  1.2.1

> 3) the double focus indicators are confusing, and it blinks all over the
> place. I'd definitely prefer to have simple focus indicators showing the
> object which will be impacted by the next RMB or move action.

I can't think of a time where the solid green indicators actually mean 
anything... (is there one?) so we could just do away with them.

> Now for the smaller glitches:
> 4) the layout mode icon is not very standard and users tend to not find
> it spontaneously

Agree - it should be an arrow. 1.2

> 5) manipulating pictures seems to be slow, and there are drawing
> artefacts
> 6) when moving an ellipse, no outline is shown
> 7) it would be nice to know what subset of Latex commands is supported
> in labels (maybe in a "Help" dialog to be added, called from the label
> configuration dialog)

maybe via a massive 'whats this?'

> 8) when using \sqrt in a label, the upper part of the square root (top
> horizontal line) is not visible

Hard problem actually: not for 1.2!

> 9) it would be very nice to be able to double-click an object in zoom
> mode and access its dialog directly

double click already accesses curves...  could be confusing.. though I often 
fruitlessly double click labels in zoom mode 

> 10) why have different RMB menus for view objects in zoom mode vs layout
> mode ?

to have smaller menues.  Will think about this...

> 11) it seems that labels created by a simple click (as opposite to box
> drag) is not properly parented: it does not resize with the plot
> containing it

Needs to be fixed for 1.2

> 12) labels with borders don't always have equal borders on all sides
> (seen with border width = 2)

Needs to be fixed for 1.2

> 13) auto-resize for label boxes should be the default, 

Tentativly agree (previously pointed out by Andrew) (but if you draw a box of 
a fixed size, what does this mean?)  1.2

> and when it is 
> unchecked the "margin" spinbox should be deactivated (and moved to live
> closer to the "auto-resize" checkbox), otherwise it gets very confusing
> !!
> I'm sorry about the long list, but I think it's close to being perfect.
> Hopefully this can all be solved easily before the release...

Thanks for the good comments.


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