[Kst] Release preparations

Barth Netterfield netterfield at astro.utoronto.ca
Mon Jan 30 18:18:37 CET 2006

So the release is 'really soon now'.  It would be wonderful if it could be 
this week, but unless a lot of de-burring happens in a hurry, I have my 

	-George's viewobject patch to fix clipping and (showstopper) relative 
placement: its a huge patch, and will certainly add regressions.  But as  I 
consider fixing these things showstoppers for 1.2, the patch needs to go in 
so bugs can be found and fixed.  So: George - go ahead and submit the beast, 
knowing that it will very possibly delay release :-(

	-The ascii data source regression:  Ted has a small patch which we hope will 
make the data source a little more forgiving in what it thinks it can do.  
This needs to go in for 1.2.

	-George reports that saving/loading has problems, especially with plot 
groups.  Once the view patch is in, this needs to be tested and fixed.  
Andrew, will you have time to look at this?  George, can you submit a bug?

Non-show stoppers:
	-The legend and label margin size was going to be tweaked to be in 10ths of 
font size 0.  Anyone want to do this?

	-Arrow clipping is reportedly still broken in the view code.  anyone excited 
to fix this.?

	-There may be some crash cases re DnD - can someone try to crash it, and 
report a bug?

	-It would be great if we could come up with some new screen shots advertising
		-fits images/healpix images
		-view objects (pictures, lines, boxes, equations in labels)
		-shared axis plots.  
	Makeing the plots would also be a great way to look for bugs :-)  Matt?

This is going to be a great release....


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