[Kst] [Bug 120827] Command line option -f fails for some asciifiles

Brisset, Nicolas Nicolas.Brisset at eurocopter.com
Mon Jan 30 10:09:19 CET 2006

> Objet : Re: [Kst] [Bug 120827] Command line option -f fails 
> for some asciifiles
I see there has been a lot of discussion on this lately :-)
I understand the concern that the command line should work, but as I
wrote a few minutes ago in the bugzilla report, I pretty much like the
current behavior and I wouldn't want it to be changed too much, as it is
also critical for kst to be able to accomodate various file formats
easily (which is the reason I asked for this feature in the very
beginning quite a while ago, and the need is still here !). What's more,
I think it currently works if you set the default settings to the right
values, and not file-specific values...

One possible improvement I would like (I had thought about it, but never
found time to implement it even though I don't think it is very
complicated to do) would be to add the possibility of saving/restoring
ASCII configs, with a dropdown list to select between predefined sets of
parameters. Using filename patterns, it would be easy to make it work
from the command line. You could for instance say that all files ending
with ".datasort1" have data starting from line 1, and "*.dat" has
variable names in line 0 and a fixed width format. Well, you get the
idea... But this is probably a post-1.2 idea, and it may be better to
document this in a dedicated bugzilla entry, if you agree...

> Perhaps lines 1, 5, 10, and 50, rather than the 1st 50... but 
> otherwise, I agree.  And it is a significant regression.
That could be nice for some "auto-detect" mode, but I doubt we can
always rely on this. Could be the default kst ships with, though...


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