[Kst] [Bug 120823] Crash if attempt to read past end of dirfile.

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Fri Jan 27 01:02:37 CET 2006

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------- Additional Comments From staikos kde org  2006-01-27 01:02 -------
On Thursday 26 January 2006 18:39, netterfield astro utoronto ca wrote:

> 00:39 ------- The situation is that there is no valid data in the sample
> range requested by the user.  What is the correct behavior? -read the
> requested number of points, but count from the end?

  I don't think we should read something that the user didn't ask for.

>   -read nothing and leave the vector empty (can vectors/curves handle 0
> length vectors?)

  Exactly, this is [one of]the problem[s].  We cannot have 0 length vectors.  
Historical assumption is that length of vectors is always >= 1.  (Used to 
even be >= 2.)

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