[Kst] [Bug 120331] More options to memorize in datawizard

Nicolas Brisset nicolas.brisset at eurocopter.com
Wed Jan 25 16:36:10 CET 2006

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I believe usability needs live testing. It's not only a matter of principles like homogeneity and general guidelines (even though those are very important as well), but most importantly of workflow and user-centric considerations.
Please don't withdraw this bug too quickly, because in some of our use cases here (e.g. one data file with a few thousand variables, where we don't know at first which variables to look at), we invoke the data wizard a great number of times and improvements such as those requested here DO make a difference. 

To illustrate this request more precisely, just imagine you have already loaded 100 different vars. If you need to add one you currently have to click the "use existing" field for the X var (X very often being time, which does not need to be duplicated), then you must scroll through the dropdown list, which is sorted in a different order than the list on the left (neither alphabetically, nor according to position in the file), find your X var, click it and only then can you proceed to the relevant action: selecting the Y variable. This can and should really be improved.
I'd suggest a pragmatic approach: we try to build a list of options to remember and agree on it before implementing this feature. I'm pretty confident that we can find the right subset, and I'm sure users won't complain if they don't need to click time and again on the same options. They might not even notice that kst remembers only some of their settings until they need to do something very different from their usual workflow.

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