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George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Sat Jan 14 19:41:48 CET 2006

On Friday 13 January 2006 19:37, Barth Netterfield wrote:
> Plot axis property bindings TODO:
> Feel free to change any of these (ie, please do...).  The naming leans
> toward being like the naming 2Dplot, but not strictly.  2Dplot is pretty
> self-inconsistent, and sometimes just gross. Look at
> KstPlotDialogI::applyXAxis() and KstPlotDialogI::applyRange() for how most
> of these things are set currently within kst.
> -----------------------
> Each function below is for each axis: eg
> p.xaxis.setLog(true) and p.yaxis.setLog(true)

   p.xAxis.log = true will be the behavior.

> // axis time interpretation
> void ...setAxisInterpretation(bool isIntrpreted, intpretation, display)
>         // interpretation is one of {JY, CTIME, JD, MJD, RJD, TAI}
>         // display is one of {JY, Y/M/D_H:M:S, D/M/Y_H:M:S, QT_TEXT,
> QT_LOCAL, JD, MJD, RJD, KDE_SHORT, KDE_LONG} bool ...isInterpreted()
> string ...Interpretation() // one of {JY, CTIME, JD, MJD, RJD, TAI}
> string ...Display() // one of {JY, Y/M/D_H:M:S, D/M/Y_H:M:S, QT_TEXT,
> void ...setMinorTicks(int minorTicks) // -1 means auto
> void ...minorTicks()
> void ...setMajorTicks(majorTicks)// majorTicks is one of {COARSE, DEFAULT,
> FINE, VERYFINE} string ...majorTicks()
> void ...setInnerTicks(bool isInner)
> void ...setOuterTicks(bool isOuter)
> bool ...innerTicks()
> bool ...outerTicks()

   This part is unimplemented, needs some thinking.

> // preferable: setMajorGridLines(bool), setMinorGridLines(bool)

  .majorGridLines and .minorGridLines implemented.

> // icky interface, but 2dplot wants this :-(  
> // note that setting x will set y, and setting y also sets x....
> // Feel free to separate everthing if you can and  want to.  preferable
> would be: // setMinorColor(color), setMajorColor(color),
> setMajorColorDefault(), setMinorColorDefault() void
> ...setGridColor(majorColor, minorColor, bool isMajorDefault, bool
> isMinorDefault) color ...majorGridColor()
> color ...minorGridColor()
> bool ...defaultMajorGridColor()
> bool ...defaultMinorGridColor()
> void ...setScaleAuto()
> void ...setScaleAutoSpike()
> void ...setSetScaleAC(double range)
> void ...setScaleExpression(string min, string max)
> string ...getScaleMode() // one of (AUTO, AUTOSPIKE, AC, EXPRESSION)
> string ...getScaleMin() // current scale minumum (value or expression)
> string ...getScaleMax() // current scale maximum (value or expression)

  Likewise, still working on this.

> ---------------
> We also need calls to set the X/Y/Top labels.  Do they already exist?  

   They do, I'm going to change them.  Top will stay as-is.

> We also need a call to create a default filled legend
> KstLegend p.getOrCreateLegend() // returns 1st child legend, create one if
> there isn't one. KstLegend p.legend() // returns NULL if there is no legend

  Plot.createLegend() exists.

  All other items you listed are implemented.

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