[Kst] Documentation ToDo: preparation for 1.2

Barth Netterfield netterfield at astro.utoronto.ca
Wed Jan 11 01:31:39 CET 2006

Here are some highlights of the changes I am aware of, as well as some 
for additions...

Chapter 1: what is kst?
		this section is not very useful as it sits.  Needs screen shots.
		The upgraded version should end up on the kst home page.
Chapter 2: the Tutorial: would be nice to build it up more....
	-check all the screen shots and update if things have changed (eg, icons,
		automatic tag names...)
	-Add a section on looking at maps/images (eg, kst -z 1 image.png).  List
	 supported data types (All QImage supported types, and FITS)
	-Add a section on viewing real time data.  Maybe include a shell script like
		#! /bin/csh
		while 1
			date +%s | awk '{print $1, sin($1)} >> tmpsin.dat
			sleep 1
	and show what kst -x 1 -y 2 -n 10 tmpsin.dat with the script running does.

	-A section on playing with plots (add legends, change axis font size, add
	a text box.

	-Events are not important (commonly used) enough to be in the tutorial, and
	should be moved to a later chapter.

CHAPTER 4: Section "Supported File Formats"
	Add info about ASCII configurability
	Enhance the dirfile section to talk about LINCOM, LINTERP, BIT and others
	List the other supported types, and library dependencies (CDF, HDF, Fits
	png and other QImage supported types...)

CHAPTER 4: Section "Data Types"
	A lot of this chapter has changed conceptually:  When this was written,
things were still pretty.... murky.  The data related objects now divide 
into three categories:

Data Objects: "Plain Old Data"
	Scalars: a single number: can be entered manually, or can be dynamically
	Vectors: a list of numbers: can be read from disk, set manually, or
		dynamically produced.  (vectors do produce scalar statistics about
	Matrixes: a marix of numbers.  Can be read from disk, or can be generated
		as a gradient

Transformation Objects:  Take Data Objects as inputs, produce Data Objects as				
	Power Spectra (1 vector in, 1 vector out)
	Equations (vectors and scalars in, 1 vector out.  the 'X' vector is an
	Plugins (vectors and scalars in, vectors and scalars out)
	Histograms (1 vector in, 1 Vector out)
	CSDs (1 Vector in, 1 matrix out)

Plotable objects: Take data objects as inputs, are plotabble
	Curves (2 vectors in)
	Images (1 matrix in)

	The section should be re-ordered.
	Note that the data dialogs now have the ability to set a 'legend name'
		which is the name used in legends.
	CSDs need to be documented.
	Matrix discussion is now ~wrong.

CHAPTER 5 will have lots of changes: Feel free to consider a restructuring if

-The mouse zoom options and have been moved into a pull down icon menue.
	-adjust text and consider screen shots

-The plot dialog has changed considerably:
	-new screen shots
	-move text around to reflect the new tab contents
	-add documentation for whatever features are not currently included

-All other view objects now have dialogs, which need to be documented
	Label (there is currently an error in the UI behavior related to
	legend (there is currently an error in the UI behavior related to

-Layout mode changes
	-need to note that double clicking opens object edit dialog

-The behavior of the other mouse modes needs to be documented.

	The dialogs in the Tools menue need to be described somewhere.

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