[Kst] [Bug 117897] New plugin to bin one vector w.r.t. another

Andrew Walker arwalker at sumusltd.com
Thu Jan 5 19:42:26 CET 2006

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Additional information from Rodrigo:


People often need to see a vector as a function of another
vector (example: signal versus sensor temperature, signal
versus pointing angle, sensor temperature versus other
sensor temperature, and other thousands of possible
combinations). For that reason, I would need something in
KST to solve the following:

Let X and Y be two vectors, and Nx and Ny be, respectively,
the vectors dimension (the number of samples in each one).
In the general case, Nx is not equal to Ny.

Let assume that X = X(t) and Y = Y(t) are function of time.
And in the general case, X and Y have different sample

Let dx and dy be bin sizes defined by the user. The dx (or
dy) bin can result in expansion or compression of the X (or
Y) vector dimension. We should average for compression and
interpolate for expansion.

The plug-in should select the data given by the
intersection in the time domain of X and Y.

For the set X and Y that belongs to this intersection, we
should be able to quickly plot Y versus X, and also resizes
it with any dx (or/and dy) bin. An error bar per bin in the
plot should be an option in the plug-in.

I emphasize that Nx is not necessarily equal to Ny, and
that the dimensions of X and Y could remain different from
each other after binning. We could compress both vectors,
expand both vectors, compress one and expand the other, or
just plot them exactly as they are. It also would be nice
if the time domain intersection could be easily modified.

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