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Matthew D Truch matt at truch.net
Mon Feb 6 17:05:13 CET 2006

On Mon, Feb 06, 2006 at 10:58:19AM -0500, George Staikos wrote:
> On Monday 06 February 2006 10:45, Matthew D Truch wrote:
> > Benefits of each method:
> >
> > Current kst 'base and offset mode':
> > - The base is 'nice' and 'round'.
>   Part of the problem is that we actually don't get this happening.  The base 
> asked for is, say, "10:00:00.00" and the result is base "10:00:08.00".

Weird.  I didn't see Marc-Antoine's email until after I sent mine, and
since then I have been trying to reproduce what he described.  I can't
get that to happen, at least not with the couple of simple ascii files I
tried it with.  Both in base offset mode and in time interpretation (and
therefore implicit base-offset mode).  But I would call what he
describes a bug.

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