[Kst] [Bug 121068] Arrow view objects not always clipped correctly

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Thu Feb 2 00:45:49 CET 2006

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------- Additional Comments From staikos kde org  2006-02-02 00:45 -------
No, the objects are still painting outside their bounds.

Load the testgraphics.js file, set the green line to width=31 and make it 
exactly vertical.  Notice the following situation:

kst> Kst.windows[1].view.children[3].size
(1, 484)
kst> Kst.windows[1].view.children[3].width

  According to the first, the line must be 1 pixel wide.  According to the 
second, the line is 31 pixels wide.  Visually it is 31, which means it's 
painting outside its boundaries.  That's why that resize adjustment was in 
there in the first place.

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