[Kst] Some comments on view objects...

Brisset, Nicolas Nicolas.Brisset at eurocopter.com
Wed Feb 1 15:35:23 CET 2006

> Please file bug reports for all of these.  
Oh well, I was happy to think a simple mail would do it, but I agree
bugzilla is better to trace and discuss bugs/features. So here we go,
get prepared for a flood of new entries :-)

> With respect to 
> the indicators, the green ones show the selection, the black 
> boxes show the focus.  Two sets of indicators are necessary.
I still find it confusing somehow... Maybe the colors/behavior are a bit
unorthodox ? I've looked at what various programs do, and it varies a
lot. This is actually a complex problem... OK, I'll think about this a
bit more and make a nice bugzilla entry for it, so that we can trace the
discussion easily.

> For the ellipse outline, I think you have a graphics driver 
> or Qt bug.  I see an outline.  I also don't see any picture 
> outlines since my latest merge, so either you have old code, 
> or it is again a graphics driver / qt bug.
If it's only me, then forget about it... Even though it's strange. As
it's not extremely important anyway, I'll leave it out for now.

> I hope to fix the click-labels today, but I haven't traced 
> down the bug yet.  
> it's a known regression.
OK. There is also the (not always correctly aligned/symmetrical) arrow
head problem, which are both known I think but need to be addressed.

Thanks for your patience (aka as keeping your nerve when I propose more
than 10 changes on the supposed release day !) :-) 

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