[Kst] Strange problems...

Brisset, Nicolas Nicolas.Brisset at eurocopter.com
Thu Dec 21 11:27:47 CET 2006

> > 2) The second problem is that the following lines:
> >   QFileInfo fi(filename);
> >   _metaData.clear();
> >   _metaData[QString("Filename")] = fi.fileName(); result in 
> > compilation errors:
> > seeb.cpp:44: error: non-lvalue in assignment I am pretty sure that 
> > this should work, especially as it closely resembles what 
> the netCDF 
> > datasource does, and there it compiles just fine. One hint: the 
> > experiment I'm doing is with a datasource built in a separate tree, 
> > based on the template provided on the website (not updated 
> in a long 
> > time).
>     That looks like an attempt to modify _metaData from a 
> const function, or a const mismatch anyway.
And yet, the method where this code is is defined as:
bool initFile();
and the class is really very close to the netcdf datasource. I'm
puzzled... I believe the problem has to do with building from the
datasource template, but I just don't know why. It seems that some new
headers (kstprimitive.h, kststring.h, kstdataplugin.h, and surely
others) don't get installed, which may be a problem for out-of-tree
datasource builds. But it does not seem to be the problem here. And I
unfortunately don't have time to investigate this further right now. I'd
be interested to know whether someone else has managed to build an
external datasource using _metaData with a recent svn snapshot ?


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