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Brisset, Nicolas Nicolas.Brisset at eurocopter.com
Tue Dec 19 19:32:19 CET 2006

> I have tested the hierarchy version a bit, and have quite a 
> few comments. Is it OK if I first send a list of comments to 
> the list, and then we can decide which ones should go to 
> bugzilla ? Otherwise I'll end up adding lots of entries...
> There is one crash, some tough questions, and usability 
> quibbles (not all relevant to the changes done by Eli).
OK, I'm about to leave and in the absence of answer, I will at least
indicate the biggest issues:

* Crashes:
- load two vectors to plot one curve, go to the data manager, edit the
vector and change the field from which is it read: hitting OK crashes
- load vectors from a datasource that does not have metadata, go to the
datamanager, RMB on a vector and call up the metadata dialog: crash
"QGDict::hashkeyString: incalid null key" (should be easy to fix)

* Bug:
- Changing data sample ranges no longer seems to work (name lookup
problem ?)

* Important questions (I did not have time or appropriate data files to
test all the points):
Imagine I have a series of files following a given standard that
prescribes metadata names (e.g. all files will have "ExperimentDate",
"Duration", "Configuration"). 
- What happens/should happen if I load two of them and try to use
[Duration] in a label ?
- What happens if two files have the same name (possible if they reside
in different dirs): how are unique labels generated ?
- What happens if I change one file with the "Change data file" tool ? I
expect all strings referencing its metadata to update their names
accordingly, and all labels currently using them to change as well. Is
it the case ?

* Major usability issues:
- when creating a label, you first draw a box and expect the font size
to be chosen so that it fits into the box ! What's worse, even in layout
mode you can't resize a label even though it shows the usual control
- in label dialogs (label creation/edition dialog, or plot
dialog->Appearance->Labels) there should be a string combo like there is
for scalars: you don't want to have to type such long names by hand !
- the strings visible in various dialogs (at least combos) need to
follow a same convention: either long names or unique identifiers
(tags). I think that's what the last commits started fixing, isn't it ?

Now, I want to insist on the fact that I find this feature extremely
useful and I hope the issues can be fixed quickly so that it is merged
into trunk. Then we'll have to discuss a few other points (like reserved
areas) and in the end we'll have a very professional kst :-)
Thanks again for your work,


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