[Kst] Hierarchy branch close to merge

Eli Fidler eli at staikos.net
Mon Dec 18 18:31:08 CET 2006

Hi everyone,

I'm sure you've seen the activity going on in the hierarchy branch for the 
past month or so. For those of you who haven't been following along, here's a 
quick summary of the changes:

- KstObjects have tags which identify them. These tags used to be simple 
strings, but I've changed them to be '/'-separated paths. The tags are 
organized in a naming tree. Objects which are created by other objects are 
below them in the tree. For example, a vector GYRO2 from a Dirfile 
1063246991.d will have a full tag of "DS-1063246991.d/GYRO2". The mean scalar 
associated with this vector will be "DS-1063246991.d/GYRO2/Mean".

Tags can be accessed by any unique path. So, if there are no other vectors 
called GYRO2, then "GYRO2" will suffice to retrieve the vector. Similarly, if 
there are no other Scalars called Mean, then "Mean" will suffice to retrieve 
the mean scalar. If there are others Means, then you may use "GYRO2/Mean". 
The full path is always unique and will always work.

In selection dialogs, instead of displaying the full tags, shorter (unique) 
display tags are shown. This makes choosing the right object easier.

- Datasource metadata is now exposed as KstStrings. That means you can use 
them in labels.

- The locking has been overhauled, so hopefully most of the locking problems 
will be resolved.

- Lots of miscellaneous bugs have been fixed.

It would be great if people could try it out and let me know if they run into 
any issues. We'll be merging the changes into trunk soon.


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