[Kst] Rejected Mail: virus from kst at kde.org

BorderWare MXtreme Mail Firewall MAILER-DAEMON at NCAA.ORG
Wed Apr 26 16:23:24 CEST 2006

This is an automated message from the BorderWare MXtreme Mail Firewall
at host MAIL.NCAA.ORG.

A mail from you (kst at kde.org) to (mwilfert at ncaa.org) 
was stopped and Rejected because it contains one or more 

Summary of email contents:

Attachment: kcjsr.zip
kcjsr.zip    forbidden attachment (filename)
  Kaspersky AV found virus Email-Worm.Win32.Mydoom.m /kcjsr.zip/kcjsr.pif.

Reference: DF6C3FB685
Queue ID: DF6C3FB685

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