[Kst] special trick for datasource in *.kst

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Mon Oct 31 18:26:36 CET 2005

On Monday 31 October 2005 01:55, Ted Kisner wrote:
> I'm trying to get the healpix datasource to support saving / reading from a
> kst file.  I've added a QDomElement to the constructor (in the same way as
> the ascii datasource) and added functionality to parse a QDomElement as
> well as overloading the KstDataSource::save function.  The kst file gets
> created properly, but I'm having trouble loading.

  You need to add a "load" C static function also.

> Before I work on debugging the datasource- is there any place in the code
> where I need to tell it that the healpix datasource supports this
> functionality?  I searched around for any special "exceptions" made for the
> ascii datasource, but couldn't find any...  I'm sure it's probably a bug on
> my end, but just wanted to ask if there is a quick fix somewhere that I
> don't know about.

   No, just make sure that it has a load function.

   Did those optimizations to image loading that I committed work well for 

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