[Kst] Checkin 482465

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Wed Nov 23 19:31:52 CET 2005

On Tuesday 22 November 2005 23:38, Andrew Walker wrote:
> Regrettably the attempts to fix the problem with x/y zoom did not work.
> I believe this is because the changes didn't actually prevent the
> call to p.setClipRegion(_lastClipRegion); because the exact same
> call is made at the start of Kst2DPlot::updateXYGuideline(...)
> as well. Commenting out this latter call makes the XY Zoom Mode
> work properly, but introduces a new problem:
> Create 4 plots. Enter layout mode. Partially obscure one plot
> with another and enter Y Zoom Mode. Move the mouse over the
> obscured plot and notice the guideline is drawn over multiple plots.

   Yes, I was afraid my patch might trigger this one too.

   I tried to reproduce the problem over a remote X session and can't do it 
there either.  I do see it for a single repaint, but it is immediately wiped 
out.  Here's what happens:

Click on dropdown
Click on Y zoom without moving mouse and leave mouse still
Dropdown disappears
Partial guideline is drawn underneath the dropdown
Still don't move the mouse
Repaint happens eventually (remote X, it's slow)
Guideline is drawn properly

 -> You are not getting the repaint

  I guess you'll need to start tracing the events on your system to see what's 
happening.  I don't want to make things any slower to fix this though.  It's 
a very isolated case.  Worst case we add a configure option which does a 
conditional compile on the optimization for people who have this issue, or we 
remove the guideline altogether.

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