[Kst] extragear/graphics/kst/plugins

Nicolas Brisset nicolas.brisset at eurocopter.com
Tue Nov 22 18:46:00 CET 2005

SVN commit 482345 by brisset:

Yet another nice plugin. That one takes two strings containing the numerator and denominator filter coefficients (in continuous time), discretizes the filter and computes it step by step. You can input any kind of filter, even though once again it would be more convenient to be able to provide a more intelligent widget that would generate the coefficients according to filter type, family, and order...
I have not been able to test it yet even though it compiles fine, as loading the .so fails for a reason unclear to me (any help in understanding why some symbol including polynom is undefined even though the appropriate .o was linked into the .so will be appreciated). I suspect a problem in the compilation or linking options (PIC ? .so or .a ? Order of the objects ? The use of templates ?)

Once it works, it should bring nice improvements to the current filters:
- should be extremely fast as they compute the result directly in the time domain without the need for a fft + computation + inverse fft  
- will be causal (which is not the case right now)

I provide a hand-written Makefile for now, it will need to be included in the build process once it works and we have time for it.

 A             discretizing_filters (directory)  
 A             discretizing_filters/Makefile  
 A             discretizing_filters/filter.cpp   [License: no copyright]
 A             discretizing_filters/filter.h   [License: no copyright]
 A             discretizing_filters/kstfilter_generic.cpp   [License: UNKNOWN]
 A             discretizing_filters/kstfilter_generic.xml  
 A             discretizing_filters/polynom.cpp   [License: no copyright]
 A             discretizing_filters/polynom.h   [License: no copyright]

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