[Kst] Plugin documentation update

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Wed Nov 16 17:38:25 CET 2005

On Wednesday 16 November 2005 09:09, Brisset, Nicolas wrote:

> I am experimenting with new (at least to me) things with data plugins,
> and there are some undocumented features I'd like clarifications about
> (an update to KstPlugins in devel-docs/ would be the most appropriate I
> guess):
> - George once wrote that strings are supported provided that there is
> the following C signature:
> Plugin(inVectors, inVectorLens, inScalars, outVectors, outVectorLens,
> outScalars, const char* inStrings[], char *outStrings[]) if I remember
> it right. It would be nice to add it to the doc, which currently says
> explicitly that only scalars and vectors of floats are supported ! I
> have not come so far as to test it yet, but hopefully it is the doc
> that's out of sync.

  Please file something in bugzilla for this.

> - how does one provide a "fit" plugin that will show up in the list of
> fitting plugins when invoked via RMB->Fit ? Is it the <fit/> keyword in
> the intro node of the .xml file ?

  Add this to the bug above.

> - when fitting a function, who generates the label that shows up in the
> plot (which by the way seems to have a bug in the way the '.' character
> is rendered) ? Can or does the plugin need to provide an output string
> for that purpose ?

   Please file bugs for these.

> - what is the purpose of the floatNonVector type ?

   Not sure presently.

> Beyond those concrete questions, I have just had a quick look at
> pluginxmlparser.cpp and plugin.cpp it looks like there are plenty of
> other features that would need to be explained somewhere...

   Maybe we don't want to encourage use of those. :-)  The plan is to have a 
new plugin system next year.

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