[Kst] [Bug 116461] getdata borks when the first field in the format file isn't (ASCII) alphabetically the first field.

D.V.Wiebe dwiebe at physics.utoronto.ca
Wed Nov 16 01:33:15 CET 2005

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------- Additional Comments From dwiebe physics utoronto ca  2005-11-16 01:33 -------
I should point out that the supplied patch completely deprecates the third argument to GetNFrames (in_field) and will always look at the first valid raw field in the format file, whatever it is passed for that parameter.

This is the behaviour Barth and I settled on when we hammered out getting defile (the BLAST dirfile writer) and kst to behave well together, but I don't know if this convention is universal.  AFAICT, kst never passes a non-NULL value for in_field when calling GetNFrames, so it shouldn't care.

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