[Kst] stripchart question

Taco Walstra walstra at science.uva.nl
Fri Nov 4 09:30:23 CET 2005

I need a stripchart for plotting data from a realtime application. Perhaps you 
can point me if kst can be easily configured in some way to handle this. 
I need several plots in kst, the number is however variable and changes during 
operation. I have looked at the dcop interface, but unfortunately almost no 
information is available for several functions. It's possible to start plots 
from a Qt application of course, but it needs a lot of programming for 
shifting the complete datavector to the left to have a stripchart I presume. 
Has anybody done such thing? Is the java scripting a better way of handling 
this and if yes how?
Taco Walstra

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