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George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Tue Nov 1 01:29:33 CET 2005

On Monday 31 October 2005 18:27, Barth Netterfield wrote:
> On October 30, 2005 08:15 pm, George Staikos wrote:
> > Port the equation dialog over to the new dialog base as an example.
> > Feedback appreciated.  I'll wait before porting the rest.  Notice that
> > the dialogs don't change almost at all, but the .ui file is much simpler.
> There are no UI changes... correct?

  Correct.  There are changes to the way the UI is created though.  We no 
longer have to include any of the multi-edit-mode UI in each dialog.  It's 
automatically created.  Also I think it helps our layouting since we just 
focus on the layout of the contents, not the layout of the dialog.

> Seems OK to me.

  Great.  Shall I port the rest or do you want to try one (or more)?

  Oh before you edit any Kst .ui files now you have to make sure you install 
Kst so kstwidgets.so is found by designer.  I think you'll find it much 
easier to work with our UI components now.

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