[Kst] Kst web page ?

Brisset, Nicolas Nicolas.Brisset at eurocopter.com
Wed Mar 30 09:03:30 CEST 2005

> Does kst really need a webpage as 'fancy' as that?  I would 
> think that something more along the lines of the kmail homepage
> (http://kmail.kde.org/) would be more than adequate.  I just 
> feel that a php-MySQL backend is overkill for something like this.
> I'd be willing to 'code' up a kst page similar in style to 
> the kmail one, if people think that'd be good.  
I am not saying that we need such a fancy webpage, it's more that I
believe it is important to attract new users and new developers as well,
and that a more up to date webpage would help give a better impression
of the maturity kst has reached. The advantage with a CMS is that many
people can easily post news on the webpage without web development/HTML
knowledge, which usually means more fresh information. Setting up such a
tool should not take significantly longer than hand-coding a minimal
page, but I am not saying it is necessary. As long as kst looks good and
attracts people, I think it is OK. 
FYI, I have checked the services offered to porjects hosted by sf.net
and they offer a MySQL database + Apache server with PHP. I believe it
would be possible to install a CMS there. I might give it a try for
gaiw, just to see how it works and how long it would take. I will keep
you informed...


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