[Kst] Compilation error

Matthew D Truch matt at truch.net
Thu Mar 24 00:06:51 CET 2005

I am having a billion linker errors while trying to compile kst (right
at the end, where it links all the object files into the kst executable.  

At that point it spits out many errors, starting with:

kstiface_impl.o(.text+0x274): In function
`KstIfaceImpl::generateScalar(QString const&, double)':
: undefined reference to `KstScalar::KstScalar(QString const&, double,
bool, bool, bool, bool)'
kstiface_impl.o(.text+0x2a3): In function
`KstIfaceImpl::generateScalar(QString const&, double)':
: undefined reference to `KstScalar::setOrphan(bool)'
kstiface_impl.o(.text+0x2af): In function
`KstIfaceImpl::generateScalar(QString const&, double)':
: undefined reference to `KstScalar::setEditable(bool)'
kstiface_impl.o(.text+0x1027): In function
`KstIfaceImpl::loadVector(QString const&, QString const&)':
: undefined reference to `KST::dataSourceList'

Perhaps my ./configure didn't setup/detect everything correctly.  This is
on a Fedora Core 3 machine, QT 3.3.4, KDE 3.3.1-redhat.  ./configure
didn't find the qt directory the first time around, so I started it with
the QTDIR environment variable set to /usr/lib/qt-3.3, and then it
found everything just fine.  

I can email all the output, but it's a huge file (about 5000 lines of

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Matthew Truch
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matt at truch.net
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