[Kst] [Bug 96862] Apply to all option for edit psd dialog

Andrew Walker arwalker at sumusltd.com
Thu Mar 17 20:18:54 CET 2005

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------- Additional Comments From arwalker sumusltd com  2005-03-17 20:18 -------
Proposal for editing of properties of multiple objects of same type simultaneously:

The existing dialogs for vectors, curves, equations, power spectra, event monitors, matrices, images would be used as templates. It could even be the same dialog and code that is extended but this is an implementation detail.

A listbox would be used to allow the user to perform a multiple selection for the objects to be edited. Buttons could be provided for Select All and Deselect All. The listbox could be handled in another dialog if real-estate space is a concern.

Properties that are different between the selected objects would be handled specially depending on the nature of the UI element used to display the property. The following are the indeterminate states of common UI elements:

edit field: blank
combobox: blank entry selected
checkbox: intermediate state
radio buttons: none selected
color selector: grayed or striped

When the user applies changes any UI element in its indeterminate state would not have the corresponding properties modified. All other properties would be updated accordingly for all the selected objects.

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