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George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Tue Mar 15 23:36:00 CET 2005

On Tuesday 15 March 2005 17:02, Andrew Walker wrote:
> CVS commit by arwalker:
> Obsolete
>   R            kstplotdrag.cpp   1.4
>   R            kstplotdrag.h   1.2

  Why didn't you use these instead of rewriting the code?  In particular, this 
code was designed so that it fully works with drag and drop across processes, 
and allows marshaling of any type of view object (in the general case) across 
any communications channel.  Deleting these and using plotmimesource loses 
this functionality.  It also completely changes the definition of 
application/x-kst-plots in binary form.

   viewdesign.txt even talks about this briefly.  newviewtodo.txt also talks 
about what is envisioned for the new view:
Drag and Drop    (George for all of this)

- Factories need to register earlier and automatically for each view object 
- Rename plots that cause namespace conflicts
- DCOP ID needs to be stored for callback
- Callback for objects that we need
- Drag across processes
- Drop target rect
- Feedback on errors

   So removing kstplotdrag and not using it for dragging moves us further from 
these goals.  It also makes us have to change all of the drag and drop and 
clipboard code everywhere in Kst when we finish implementing it properly.

   Also the implementation doesn't follow drag and drop behavior standards 
properly.  The default action when doing a drag is indicating 'move', but 
it's copying.

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