[Kst] kdeextragear-2/kst/kst

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Wed Mar 2 23:36:08 CET 2005

CVS commit by staikos: 

equation objects now automatically detect changes in vector names and rewrite
the equation accordingly.  Some formatting is lost, but in general it seems to
work.  Causes a small performance hit on saving equations since they are
reparsed and then the tree is walked.

Required changing collectVectors to use a map instead of a list.

Negatives are temporarily a bit broken

  M +54 -16    enodes.cpp   1.40
  M +22 -17    enodes.h   1.26
  M +29 -10    kstequation.cpp   1.22
  M +1 -1      kstequation.h   1.6
  M +4 -5      ksteventmonitorentry.cpp   1.33
  M +1 -1      ksteventmonitorentry.h   1.21

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