[Kst] [Bug 91675] more objects to draw on canvas for addingcomments

Andrew Walker arwalker at sumusltd.com
Tue Jun 14 19:24:58 CEST 2005

For polygon and polyline mode use just as you would for creating a line,
but instead of releasing the mouse button hit the 'i' button. A new
point is added every time the 'i' button is hit. When you're finished
drawing release the mouse button.

Points can be deleted by selecting them and hitting 'd', or added by
pressing the left mouse button and hitting 'i' - then continue to insert
points as when creating the object. 

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Nice improvements... but:

On June 13, 2005 11:53 pm, Andrew Walker wrote:
> ------- Comments suggested by Barth have been implemented.

Pending comments from my previous email:

-The graphics toolbar should not be visible unless graphics mode is selected.  
This can either be done via a pull down toolbar (best), or by just hiding the 
graphics tool bar if graphics mode is not selected.

-I can't make sense of poly-line and polygon mode.  Either make them 
comprehensable or just delete them.

-add arrows heads for lines in the dialog box

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