[Kst] [Bug 108933] Potential threading problem should be investigated

Matthew Truch matt at truch.net
Mon Jul 11 20:10:52 CEST 2005

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------- Additional Comments From matt truch net  2005-07-11 20:10 -------
>   It could still be a bug, but I do remember those KDE and Qt versions causing 
> this warning message in many or all KDE apps.

I have always got this message any time I run kst while I'm not in an
active kde session (for as long as I can remember using kst, over all
versions I can think of).  For example, this is from a Fedora Core 3 machine
that I log into remotely (so there is no kde running):

[truch marcy ~]$ kst
kbuildsycoca running...
[truch marcy ~]$ Mutex destroy failure: Device or resource busy
ICE default IO error handler doing an exit(), pid = 1965, errno = 0
ICE default IO error handler doing an exit(), pid = 1974, errno = 0
[truch marcy ~]$ kst --version
Qt: 3.3.4
KDE: 3.3.1-2.12.FC3 Red Hat
Kst: 1.2.0_devel
[truch marcy ~]$

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