[Kst] Fonts

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Thu Feb 17 20:05:55 CET 2005

Lars and I sat down together in Boston and looked through the font problems 
we've been having.  Basically it boils down to two things:

1) FontConfig doesn't support pcf fonts.
2) Distros ship broken fonts, or inappropriate fonts.  "Standard Symbols L" 
comes with GhostScript, and it's really broken as far as we can tell.  That's 
why it doesn't work in Qt, and changing Qt to make it work would be the wrong 
thing to do (probably cause many other regressions).

Solution 1: If you own Windows, copy your symbol.ttf over to fonts:/Personal/ 
and symbol fonts will work.
Solution 2: We get a real symbol font that is free (I can't find one) and ship 
it with KDE.  I can convert between type1 and truetype if needed.  That's not 
an issue.  I just can't find anything except pcf, which is not usable for us.

Any suggestions?

George Staikos
KDE Developer				http://www.kde.org/
Staikos Computing Services Inc.		http://www.staikos.net/

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