[Kst] [Bug 118807] New: Change data file bug causes inconsistent state

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Thu Dec 22 06:29:13 CET 2005

On Wednesday 21 December 2005 11:41, Nicolas Brisset wrote:

> - load vector 1 vs INDEX from gyrodata.dat with the datawizard
> - go to the plot, and show the legend
> - Tools->Change data file: select both vectors, check duplicate with
> dependents, select the same gyrodata.dat file (the problem was found using
> different data files, but this is simpler to test) - Hit "Apply": two new
> vectors are created and one curve is added to the plot (so far, so good) -
> select the first 2 vectors again, and hit "Apply" again
> - 1'' and INDEX'' get created, and one curve is added to the legend with
> the same name as the previous one. However, it does not appear in the data
> manager !! - plot dialog->Content: remove the last curve, apply: it goes
> away - try to add the last curve again, when you hit apply it can't be
> added because kst thinks it's already there
> There are other weird effects throughout kst, and I don't know how bad it
> can become. But this certainly needs to be fixed. I don't know whether the
> problem is name truncation due to the "'" characters being appended (and
> linked with bug #118737). Note that the data wizard appends "-[number]" in
> the same case).

   The plot was being added to the curve multiple times which is definitely 
bad.  The reason was an inverted test, but it seems to behave as though new 
curves are created.  This is certainly not the case.

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